18 Marvel Cinematic Universe films. 18 weeks to Infinity War. Coincidence? The world may never know. What I do know, is that I plan on spending a few hours each week leading up to Avengers: Infinity War by watching all 18 movies!

In the past, I’ve watched the films both in the order they came out in theaters, and the order that they are chronologically within the MCU. For this time around, I’m going with the latter.

Because of this, I figured I would write it all down. Then I figured I’d share it!

Now, this does not include any of the Marvel: One-Shots, nor any of the ABC or Netflix shows.

So, let’s take a peek at the next 18 weeks:


Week 1 (January 1st –  6th) – Captain America: The First Avenger

Week 2 (January 7th – 13th) – Iron Man

Week 3 (January 14th – 20th) – Iron Man 2*

Week 4 (January 21st – 27th) – The Incredible Hulk*

Week 5 (January 28th – February 3rd) – Thor*

Week 6 (February 4th – 10th) – The Avengers

Week 7 (February 11th – 17th) – Iron Man 3

***Black Panther in theaters February 16th***

Week 8 (February 18th – 24th) – Thor: The Dark World

Week 9 (February 25th – March 3) – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Week 10 (March 4th -10th) – Guardians of the Galaxy

Week 11 (March 11th – 17th) – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Week 12 (March 18th – 24th) – Avengers: Age of Ultron

Week 13 (March 25th –  31st) -Ant Man

Week 14 (April 1st – 7th) -Doctor Strange**

Week 15 (April 8th – 14th) -Captain America: Civil War

Week 16 (April 15th – 21st) – Spiderman: Homecoming

Week 17 (April 21st – 28th) – Thor: Ragnarok

Week 18 (April 29th – May 4th) – Black Panther



This is the order that I’ll be watching them, but what about you? How are you planning on watching the MCU leading up to Infinity War?

Nerds, Assemble!


*Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor occur on the MCU Timeline around the same time…feel free to mix these three up a bit!

** Doctor Strange has a long timeline; his accident is before the events of Civil War, but the confrontation with Dormamu is after the events of Homecoming. But as the good Doctor himself proved, time is a funny thing.

A site I found super helpful in composing this list was marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com . It was most helpful in helping me decide the above, asterisk-ed movie placement in the list. Also, in full transparency, I got 17 of the movies and couldn’t figure out which one I’d missed.
It was Age of Ultron. *d’oh*

UPDATE: I’ve been asked if Thor: Ragnarok will be available on DVD/Bluray/Digital in time to watch it. My sources (the internet) tells me it is expected to be released in February. I’ve also been asked if Black Panther will be available in time. For that one, most of the information I found puts it at May… hopefully Marvel and Disney will see that we obviously need it released before Infinity War.

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