Nerds. We’re not generally known for our physical prowess; our six packs are usually drawn on for the epic Secret Wars Thor cosplay we have planned and our strongest muscles are in our dice rolling hand. We marathon on Netflix, not city streets. Maybe, from time to time, we’ll get out and play some Quidditch, but that tends to be the extent of our physical exertion. The gym isn’t “our” place; it belongs to the jocks. Our place, is the internet or a convention, where we can come together and be whoever we want to be. 

Well, Robyn Warren, aka Stormy Riot, is here to change those ideas. Whether you are a seasoned nerd or a newbie to fandom (nOOb), a gym rat or someone who gets hives just thinking about exercise, Robyn wants you to be inspired to live a healthy, nerdy life.

If you’re ready to get Geek Girl Strong… Nerds, Assemble!

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