This month, I have been doing “CosMay”, which I was inspired to do¬†on Instagram by Joanna Sotomura (@joannasotomura). “CosMay” is doing a little everyday cosplay, or bounding, which is essentially dressing in a fashion that is inspired by your favorite characters. A fun way to subtly (or not so subtly) insert some nerdiness into your everyday life.

On of my first outfits was Finn, from The Force Awakens. It was super simple to do, as I have the Galactic Bromance Cardigan by Elhoffer Design. Naturally, I wanted to have her on the podcast. I reached out, and here we are!

Catherine is a badass, nerdy, girl-boss who makes super awesome nerd inspired fashion.

Hear part one of my time with the brains, brawn, and beauty behind Elhoffer Designs.

Nerds, Assemble!

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